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Nusach Musaf Rosh Chodesh – נוסח תפילת מוסף ראש חודש

It’s Rosh Chodesh today! Instead of a weekly song upload this weeks upload is Nusach of Musaf for Rosh Chodesh. I would really love to hear from you, whether you know more about this song, or have made use of it – please let me know in the comments section below.

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Mimkomcha – ממקומך

This weeks song is a Tune was originally sung by Pirchei America Choir and became famous throughout the world over the years. It’s a nice slow, warm tune suitable for a “special” Shabbos. Origin: Pirchei Agudah America          Year Composed: Unknown I would really love to hear from you, whether you know

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Kel Odon – קל אדון

This weeks tune is a nice old chasidic melody (Bobov) for קל אדון which is well known throughout the world. For your convenience I have created a  “cheat sheet” for you to download and help you to remember the order of the song whilst devening at the Amud.  Origin: Bobov          Year

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Lecha Dodi – לכה דודי

This is a nice classical nigun for לכה דודי which is well know throughout the world and is really practical and easy to use. Origin: Unknown          Year Composed: Unknown Point of caution: Make sure not to start on to a high note as some notes go pretty high. I would really

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What others say

I have read your introduction and you sound like you are my spokesman. I too started davening for the omud several years ago and wasn't fortunate enough to grow up in one shul with good nusach for twenty years. In the yeshiva world of our days when bochurim left home already at Bar Mitzvah age changing yeshivas - and Baalei Tefila - every few years - its only normal that ones nusach is fragmented and far from being "Heimish". I am looking at a decent size case of CDs and TAPES I collected in order to learn a Glatte Heimeshe Nusach which suits my tastes... This year I have "Brushed Up" in some parts with your nusach which I find excellent. Thank You. This site is also a great addition! Yishar Koach!!

Zecharia Herzog – USA

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This (website) truly is a wonderful example of mesiras nefesh for the benefit of many amateur Ba'alei Tefillah. Please continue with your excellent work. גמר חתימה טובה

Aryeh Greenberg (London)

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I enjoy listening and learning the correct nusach, that is the most important part of the davening... besides of course the ivrah. The tapes you guys made are so helpful - I am very appreciative of your hard work. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much!

David Spett – New York.

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Lieber Herr Lubelsky, Die Frage, welcher Teil unseres Bat Mitzvah-Wochenendes für mich am eindrücklichsten war, kann ich klar beantworten: Das Dawenen am Schabbes Morgen. Und nicht wenige meiner nicht so religiösen Freunde haben zu mir gesagt, dass - wenn es immer so würdevoll und herzerwärmend zugehen würde - sie regelmässiger in die Synagoge gehen würden. Es ist mir ein grosses Bedürfnis, Ihnen nochmals persönlich zu danken. Gut Schabbes.

Micky Saks – Zurich Switzerland

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Dear Ezra, I listened to your Geshem. You sing it outstandingly good. I know many so-called ‘Welt’s Chazonim’ of nowadays, who are far from singing with such ‘Shleimus’ of interpretation and accuracy. You are accenting the places which musically need accent and you have a perfect pitch. I really do not have negative critics. In conclusion, I can assure you that I enjoyed the way you sing. The tones are clean and ringing, you control very well your voice, the breathing is correct and the dynamics are excellent as well. The ‘Regesh’ and warmth are right and you know how to bring out the ‘Yosseleh Style’ very well. Koy Lechoy!

Chazan B. Muller

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