Ezra Lubelsky

Ezra Lubelsky was born in 1965 in London to his parents Moishe Mordechai and Esther z’’l. Already from a very young age, before he even began to speak, he loved singing. He would lie in his cradle and sing to himself his favourite song “Pischu Li” over and over again whilst his parents and siblings would listen at his bedroom door.

At the age of four his family moved to Antwerp, Belgium. Young Ezra subsequently joined the “Pirchei Antwerp” where he wasEzra Lubelsky the youngest boy in the choir.

As a school boy, Ezra was deeply inspired by the warm davening style of the famous Chazan Yossele Rosenblatt which eventually shaped the type of Baal Tefilah Ezra grew up to be.

He spent his Yeshiva years in Gateshead & Slabodka where his friends still remember him as being their beloved Baal Tefilah, whilst also heading the Zemirois at the Shabbos meals.

Already as a young Avreich of twenty living in Zurich, Switzerland, he was requested by the Agudas Achim Kehilla, headed by Rav S. Breisch shlita, to officiate as the Baal Tefilah of the Yomim Noiroim davening. Feeling too young and unworthy to accept such a lofty and holy position, he approached the late Rabbi Moishe Solowiejczyk zt”l who strongly encouraged him to use his talents and daven. Numerous years later R’ Moishe zt’’l told his son to learn nusach from Ezra.

Seeing as there was no single recording which Ezra was satisfied with, he was compelled to gather nusach from various Baalei Tefilah. As he had grown up hearing the davening of Rabbi Pinchos Breuer shlita and R’ Josef Roitenbarg of Antwerp, their nusach became the foundation of his davening. Ezra then went on to perfect his nusach by gathering together tapes and recordings from numerous sources as well as filling in the missing parts with interpretations of his own.

Ever since, Ezra has continued to serve as the Baal Tefilah for Yomim Noiroim in the Agudas Achim Kehilla as well as other Kehillos in Zurich including the IRG under the late Rabbi Doniel Levy zt’’l and ybl’’t his son Rabbi Chaim Moishe Levy shlita.

Today, Ezra continues to live in Zurich where he is a teacher for children with special needs as per the specific advice of his Rebbes, the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Segal and Rabbi Moishe Solowiejczyk zt”l.

He also enjoys an exceptional closeness to the Gaaved of Yerusholayim, Rabbi Toivye Weiss shlita, who considers himself an old friend of the Lubelsky family and has visited and stayed by him in Zurich on numerous occasions.

Ezra frequently performs in choirs at dinners held for Moisdois and also leads many Chuppas.




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